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Exeter International is a specialist tour operator offering holidays to Russia and Eastern Europe. We use our knowledge and expertise to create unique travel experiences tailor-made for you as an individual.

What sets us apart from other companies offering tours of Russia and Eastern Europe is our intimate knowledge of the region, and our determination to be the best. We go to great lengths to match you to experiences, hotels and guides we believe will provide the ultimate travel experience.

Don’t take our word for it, our best references are our paying customers.

”(…) Ala Osmond of Exeter International, is the key to privileged access in Russia, whether it’s a visit to the vast loft under the dome of the Mariinsky Theatre, where the sets for productions by the great opera and ballet company are painted, or a tour of the workshops where the gilded walls of the fabled Amber Room in the Catherine Palace were reconstructed. An invitation to inspect the original Fabergé workshop? Why certainly. An out-of-hours private tour of the Hermitage Museum? Consider it scheduled.” The Telegraph, January 2014

Holidays to Russia and Beyond

We enjoy smashing the myths and stereotypes that surround Russia and the East. Sharing our knowledge with you gives us great job satisfaction. When our clients return home we often ask them, “Was it what you expected?”

Nobody has yet answered yes.

Our well connected and experienced team can arrange Moscow holidays, cultural holidays in St Petersburg including a private visit to the new Faberge Museum, or luxury river cruises on the MS Volga Dream. We can help you find the best hotels in Russia, from the Astoria Hotel in St Petersburg to the Ararat Park Hyatt in Moscow.

If you’re looking for specific tours of Moscow, St Petersburg or a combination of the two then we have experts and contacts who can help create the perfect tailor made tour for you.

Our menu of Extraordinary Experiences includes backstage access to the Mariinsky and Bolshoi theatres, exclusive tours of the Hermitage depositary in St Petersburg and insider access to the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

We can arrange a meeting with a former KGB colonel or a Russian Cosmonaut or a private tour of the Vaganova one of the worlds leading ballet schools.

We specialise in holidays to all the former Eastern European countries, Cultural Tours to Turkey and Uzbekistan. Our website is a work in progress as we update content. We have our pages on Romania, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Armenia and Baku available now, keep checking back for more!

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We love the web - it gives us the chance to illustrate our wonderful destinations and showcase our extraordinary experiences visually, but it’s only the link between us, we would much rather engage with you!

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