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Richard Chancellor was the first Englishman to visit Russia, during the reign of Ivan the IV - better known as Ivan the Terrible. Ivan treated his guest to lavish dinners on gold plates and gave him presents of furs and jewellery. Chancellor went sightseeing and saw that Moscow was a much bigger city than London, yet he described it also as “a rude and barbarous kingdom”.

Today, Moscow still fascinates.

No city in the world can compete with Moscow right now for energy, glamour and sheer exuberance. Along with grand architecture and magnificent cultural treasures, the Russian capital also boasts exquisite restaurants and cutting-edge bars.

The capital of a country full of misconceptions - perhaps the biggest one of all is that Moscow is unattractive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Moscow has seen some of the finest construction in the country over nine centuries. Moscow is home to imposing, beautiful and fascinatingly bizarre buildings in a variety of styles. Spend a few days in the company of a Muscovite who loves their city and you may fall in love too…

Moscow Holidays-Tailor-made for You

Let us share our knowledge by planning a bespoke Moscow City break based on your interests.

Parts of that old Moscow still exist, most famously in Red Square itself, with the landmark St Basil’s Cathedral and the Romanov House. Then there is the very new oil-rich 24 hour Moscow, of designer shops, contemporary art galleries and world class restaurants. It’s not all bling, we can recommend things to do for free.

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If money is less of an object we can arrange private access to the Grand Kremlin Palace, which is closed to the public. It’s here that you will see Nicholas II’s throne and the extraordinary gilded halls that are now used by the Russian President to entertain foreign dignitaries and sign treaties.

We will take you to the magnificent churches of the Kremlin and point out the buildings that influenced Le Corbusier. Our guides will show you the greatest historical treasures of the Tretyakov and the modern masterpieces in the State Pushkin Museum.

Nowhere is out of bounds on our city breaks. Moscow, of course, is home to the Bolshoi Ballet where we can arrange tickets to a performance and arrange a very special backstage tour. Take a glimpse into the Soviet era, with a tour of the stunning Metro system, Lenin’s tomb or the Cold War Bunker.

Allow yourself to be seduced by the opulent splendour of the Armoury Museum within the Kremlin, which houses a huge collection of Imperial Russian artwork, plus a glittering array of Faberge eggs with their jewel-encrusted mechanised interiors.

Before you rush off to St Petersburg, consider extending your stay and taking in some of the wonderful towns of the Golden Ring. Like walking into a Russian fairy tale.