A city of contrasts, old and new, rich and poor, beautiful and not so beautiful, Moscow captivates anyone with an open mind.

Moscow became the capital of Russia in 1328.

It remained the capital until 1713 when Peter the Great decided to move the centre of power to St Petersburg to have his “window on the west”.

Grand Palaces appear at unexpected points all over the city. In St Petersburg the nobility dutifuly attended court; they came to Moscow to enjoy themselves.

This was the case until the Russian Revolution in 1917 when Lenin wanted to break with the Romanov Imperial past and move power back to the Russian heartland, making Moscow capital of the Soviet empire.

The most populous city in Europe, with more than 11 million inhabitants (including 27 billionaires), Moscow is a city of contrasts and a city of culture. We can design a city break itinerary for you, whatever your interests. It could be 48 hours of champagne and caviar, exploring literary Moscow, discovering contemporary art, learning about architecture or Soviet history.

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