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By Ala Osmond, Director

Maybe it’s genetics, (my Great, Great grandmother was Russian) but I fell in love with Russia the first time I travelled there in 1998. I felt a unique connection. Many things have been written about the Russian soul, and they say you cannot understand what this really is unless you are Russian. For me it is pathos, history, warmth with a sprinkle of melancholy.

I was lucky enough to live in Russia for almost three years. I can now share my intimate knowledge of St Petersburg and Moscow with you, by creating imaginative and individual Russia holidays. As with all our destinations, I travel there regularly to update my knowledge on the latest hotels, restaurants, museums and meet our wonderful guides, who are ultimately the people that really make your holiday come to life.

Ala in the snow, St Petersburg

Much of the country is still hard to get to due to poor infrastructure and accommodation. We can add value and save you time with our expertise, starting before you go with visa applications and smoothing your way through a country where English is still not widely spoken, taxis are nefarious and knowing where to go is essential, making independent travel challenging.

We have planned holidays for ballet & opera fans, lovers of Russian literature, collectors of English silver who discovered the incredible collections in the Kremlin and the Hermitage, family holidays focussing on Russian history, a holiday as a reward for entering Oxbridge that was a two week gap year, honeymoons (yes, really!), birthday & anniversary celebrations, surprise holidays where a visa had to be procured in secret. Whether your interest is art or history – or just discovering the Russia of today call me to discuss your requirements with you and help you plan the ultimate Russia holiday. Below is some general information and highlights of holidays you can plan to Russia.

Ala Osmond

Russia is epic in many ways - it is the largest country in the world, many parts of which still remain undiscovered.

Her history is epic - with four empires – starting with Kievan Rus in the Middle Ages, continuing through the reign of Ivan the Terrible, the long era of the Romanov dynasty, and finally the Soviet regime.

Epic writers: Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky. Epic lakes: Onega and Baikal. Epic visionaries: Peter the Great. Epic battles: Stalingrad. Epic dictators: Ivan and Stalin. Epic ostentation – still very much alive today.

Not to mention the epic Russian soul…

Historical Museum, Moscow

Bespoke Russian Holidays

We can help you discover some of the real Russia through our love and knowledge of this amazing country.

Enjoy a city break to Moscow or St Petersburg, or combine the two for a longer holiday.

If you are taking a Baltic Cruise this year, let us show you the best St Petersburg has to offer with a private shore excursion.

With more time, you may want to experience some of the Russian countryside on the Volga River with deluxe accommodation on the Volga Dream. Both ships sail between Moscow and St Petersburg, visiting ancient villages, kremlins and churches and Kizhi Island on Lake Onega.

The Volga Dream also sails the Lower Volga to Astrakhan.

Cruising the Volga

Alternatively, travel by car from Moscow to visit some of the most important centres of Russian Orthodoxy, the group of towns clustered around Moscow, known collectively as the Golden Ring. This is a trip back in time, like stepping in to the heart of a Russian fairytale.

Suzdal, Golden Ring

A real trip of a lifetime is the greatest rail journey of all – The Trans Siberian. You can now experience this legendary journey in luxury on the Golden Eagle train.

The Trans Siberian is by no means the only itinerary on the Golden Eagle you can now travel in style and comfort on an array of itineraries; to the Crimea, the heart of the Silk Road, or Mongolia.

Ballet and opera fans should not miss the special departure in conjunction with the Mairiinsky theatre.

Or perhaps enjoy the Russian Riviera before the 2014 winter Olympics.

Grand hotel Rodia, Sochi

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