Ukraine Holidays from Exeter International

Thanks to the Orange Revolution, a visa is no longer required to visit, so you can jump on a plane at whim for a city break in Kiev, or a long weekend in Yalta, which is wonderful to combine with Istanbul.

The Crimea is soaked in history. Ancient Greeks, Goths, Huns, Byzantines and Khazars all of whom invaded or traded with the peninsula, followed by the Georgians, Armenians, Genoese and Tartars. Always strategic, the Crimea was the jewel in the crown for Potemkin, who conquered it for Catherine the Great.

Potemkin saw this lush, beautiful land surrounded by sea and Steppe as paradise, and we don’t think it is an exaggeration.

Today the greatest shame is that many modern-day travellers see it only from a cruise ship. The Crimea deserves far more than a cursory glance and we urge you to discover this paradise while it remains unspoilt. In 1954, Nikita Krushchev (a Ukrainian by birth) ‘gifted’ the Crimea to the Ukraine. Today nearly 70% of the population are indigenous Russians and The Crimea is an Independent Republic.

The Crimea is perhaps most famous for war - the battles of Sevsatopol and Balaclava, and later the Yalta Conference in 1945 - but is also extremely rich in Imperial history of the last Romanov family.

The Crimea is important for Chekhov aficionados. Both Three Sisters and The Cherry Orchard were written there.

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