An Afternoon at the Dacha

A summer retreat outside of the city is an essential part of Russian life. Written about by Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Pushkin, nothing is more Russian than the dacha. A small shack or a large castle, anything can be a summer retreat, but typically a dacha is a modest wooden home set in the countryside well outside the din of the city. Ideally a waterhole will be nearby and there will always be a small garden / allotment to carefully cultivate.

We can arrange for you to step inside this quintessentially Russian world with a personal invitation to spend an afternoon in a charming countryside dacha. You will be special guests of your hosts. Expect to be treated to fresh tomatoes from the garden, cucumbers, berries and amazing mushrooms – all when in season, of course. Russian salads, pickles and other “zakuski” will be laid out in their traditional manner, so expect to feast….and of course, a bit of Russia’s best vodka… No doubt the conversation will be lively over your lunch (no need to worry, your hosts may not speak perfect English, but your guide can translate). There is no better way to see how Russians live than a day at the dacha- enjoy!

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