The Nuclear Bunker reveals the Cold War chapter in the history of Russia, when the country was full on alert and the tension between superpowers had the world fearing a nuclear war.

Walking down a leafy street, with a street market and a bijou onion domed church this visit will take you back to the era when many civilian buildings in Moscow were there just to disguise military instillations.

The bunker was built 200 feet below Moscow and during its construction the residents of the area were told that the metro tunnels were being extended. Its main function was to sustain communication for the government of the state in case of a nuclear attack. More than 2000 people worked here (and of course could not discuss even with their closest family where they worked) some of whom have been back to visit since it was bought at auction several years ago by an ex military civilian and turned into a museum. A fascinating and haunting experience. Visits are by advance appointment only.

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