Private Tour of the Yusupov Palace with Exeter International

The palace was originally built on the orders of Ivan the Terrible, though much of the current structure is from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. As a young child Alexander Pushkin lived in one wing with his family, who rented rooms from the Yusupov family between 1801 and 1803.

The last owner was Prince Felix Yusupov, who went down in history as the murderer of Rasputin. He wrote in his memoirs that Ivan the Terrible used to relax here after his hunting trips, feasting luxuriously before slipping back to the Kremlin by underground tunnel. We are not sure if this was myth or reality as the restorers of the palace are still looking for the tunnel entrances!

Decorated in the Moscow baroque style, the palace is made up of two buildings, which were united at the end of the 18th century. The palace has now been faithfully restored and rich murals in the Russian style, carved portals, bronze grilles, candle holders and lanterns.

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